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The Digital Mental Health Genie Is Out of the Bottle

Psychiatric Services

Dror Ben-Zeev, PhD

Augmenting Evidence-Based Care With a Texting Mobile Interventionist: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Psychiatric Services

Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D., Benjamin Buck, Ph.D., Suzanne Meller, M.P.H., M.S.W., William J. Hudenko, Ph.D., Kevin A. Hallgren, Ph.D.

Global mental health and COVID-19

The Lancet Psychiatry

Lola Kola - BRiTE Center Affiliate, University of Ibadan Nigeria

A technology-assisted life of recovery from psychosis

Nature Research - npj Schizophrenia

Dror Ben-Zeev, Benjamin Buck, Sarah Kopelovich and Suzanne Meller

Effect of Mobile Health on In-person Service Use Among People With Serious Mental Illness

Psychiatric Services in Advance

Ben-Zeev, D., Buck, B., Hallgren, K., & Drake, R.

Transdiagnostic Mobile Health: Smartphone Intervention Reduces Depressive Symptoms in People with Mood and Psychotic Disorders

2019 JMIR Mental Health Vol 6, Iss 4, e13202

Ben-Zeev, D., Buck, B., Chu, P, Razzano, L., Pashka, N., & Hallgren, K.

Relationships between smartphone social behavior and relapse in schizophrenia: A preliminary report

June 2019 Schizophrenia Research

Buck, B., Scherer, E., Brian, R.M., Wang, R., Wang, W., Campbell, A., Chowdhury, T., Hauser, M., Kane, J., & Ben-Zeev, D.

Mobile Health (mHealth) Versus Clinic-Based Group Intervention for People with Serious Mental Illness: A Randomized Control Trial

May 2018 Psychiatric Services

Ben-Zeev, D., Brian, R., Jonathan, G., Razzano, L., Pashka, N., Carpenter-Song, E., Drake, R., & Scherer, E.

Bringing Digital Mental Health to Where it is Needed Most

2017 Nature Human Behaviour

Ben-Zeev, D., Atkins, D.

Mobile Health for Mental Health in West Africa: The Case for Ghana

2018 Psychiatric Services in Advance

Ben-Zeev, D.

Ben-Zeev, D., Wang, R., Abdullah, S., Brian, R., Scherer, E., Mistler, L., Hauser, M., Kane, J., Campbell, A., Choudhury, T.

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Mobile Phone Use and Acceptability for the Health of Mental Health information Among Perinatal Adolescents in Nigeria: Survey Study


JMIR Mental Health

Lola Kola, Ph.D., Dolapo Abiona, MEd., Adeyinka Olufolake Adefolarin, Ph.D., Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D 

Cost of mHealth Versus Clinic-Based Care for Serious Mental Illness: Same Effects, Half the Price Tag

Psychiatric Services​

Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D., Lisa A. Razzano, Ph.D., Nicole J. Pashka, M.S., L.C.P.C., Carol E. Levin, Ph.D.

A Digital Toolkit (M-Healer) to Improve Care and Reduce Human Rights Abuses Against People With Mental Illness in West Africa: User-Centered Design, Development, and Usability Study​

JMIR Mental Health​

Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D., Suzanne Meller, M.P.H., M.S.W., Jaime Snyder, Ph.D., Dzifa A. Attah, Ph.D., Liam Albright, Hoa Le, Seth M. Asafo, Ph.D., Pamela Y. Collins, M.D., M.P.H., Angela Ofori-Atta, Ph.D.

A Smartphone Intervention for People With Serious Mental Illness: Fully Remote Randomized Controlled Trial of CORE


Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D., Ayesha Chander, M.Res., Justin Tauscher, Ph.D., Benjamin Buck, Ph.D., Subigya Nepal, B.Sc., Andrew Campbell, Ph.D., & Guy Doron, Ph.D.

Clinical and demographic predictors of engagement in mobile health vs. clinic-based interventions for serious mental illness

Journal of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy

Benjamin Buck, Ph.D., Ayesha Chander, M.Res., Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D.

mHealth-Assisted Detection of Precursors to Relapse in Schizophrenia

Frontiers in Psychiatry

Benjamin Buck, Ph.D., Kevin Hallgren, Ph.D., Andrew T. Campbell, Ph.D., Tanzeem Choudhury, Ph.D., John M. Kane, M.D., Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D.

Mobile Health For Caregivers of Young Adults with Early Psychosis: A Survey Study Examining User Preferences

Psychiatric Services

Benjamin Buck, Ph.D., Ayesha Chander, M.Res., Maria Monroe-Davita, Ph.D., Sunny Chieh Cheng, Ph.D., Bryan Stiles, B.A., Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D.​

mHealth for Young Adults with Early Psychosis: User Preferences and Their Relationship to Attitudes About Treatment-Seeking

Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science​

Benjamin Buck, Ph.D., Ayesha Chander, M.Res., Justin Tauscher, Ph.D., Theresa Nguyen, M.S.W., Maria Monroe-Davita, Ph.D., Dror Ben-Zeev, Ph.D.