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a mobile health intervention

for people with serious mental illness


Symptom measures suggest clinical gains

Participants reported FOCUS easy to use and acceptable

FOCUS was tested in a 30-day single arm trial. N=33 participated.

Participants used FOCUS 86.5% of days they had it, avg. 5x a day.

is usable, acceptable,
and clinically promising

Participants engaged with FOCUS 82% of weeks 

FOCUS was deployed as part of a multi-modal relapse prevention program across 8 states. 

Participants were at high-risk for relapse. All had a psychotic disorder.

N=342 participated for 6 months.

is engaging to high risk patients

has similar outcomes to clinic-based care

FOCUS was compared in a randomized controlled effectiveness trial with a clinic-based program.

N=163 participated for 3 months.

Engagement was higher and clinical and recovery outcomes were similar.

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